Nut Oils

Nut Oils

Abundant in natural vitamins, amino acids and flavor, our robust nut oils can be added to a variety of dishes to bring an earthy depth and add optimal nutrition. Our top of the line, “vierge” nut oils are unrefined and pressed from 100% pure raw materials. Our hand-selected master producer, Jean-Marc Montegottero of the Huilerie Beaujolaise in France, is both an artist and an individualist. His philosophy “one fruit, one oil” has become a proven philosophy in creating superior nut oils of exceptional aroma and taste.

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4 Item(s)

VOM FASS Nut Oil Production

Family Owned

Family owned and operated production facilities with hands-on quality control at every step are the hallmarks of VOM FASS producers. With careful attention to fruit harvesting and handling, our producers pride themselves in the short line from fruit to bottle to shelf. More and more VOM FASS products are certified organic every day. This emphasis on reducing and even eliminating pesticides at every juncture reduces our carbon footprint and insures the healthiest products possible.

Artisanal Production

The term “artisan” gets bandied about quite a bit these days. Although it can be difficult to find out if a product is indeed produced artisanally, here at VOM FASS the evidence of artisanal production is fairly straightforward. VOM FASS producers are thoroughly vetted and visited to guarantee that traditional “hands on” methods are maintained by trained and dedicated craftsman. This attention to the “supply chain” keeps VOM FASS products at extraordinarily high quality levels and dependably consistent. A wonderful illustration of true artisanal production is the Huilerie Beaujolaise, owned and managed by Jean Marc Montegottero. Jean Marc’s passion is evident in his exquisite oils produced under careful craftsmanship and using traditional methods.

This remarkable huilerie (oil works) is situated in the beautiful and historic Les Ardillats, within the Rhone (Rhone-Alpes) region of east-central France, 32 miles from Lyon and a little over 200 miles from Paris.

Jean Marc Montegottero

Jean Marc’s story of success began in 1981 when his parents decided to buy a hardware store in Beaujeu, which is the historical capital of the Beaujolais wine district. In the rear part of the store the 18 year old Jean Marc, discovered an old oil mill from the 19thcentury. Little did he know this discovery would be the start of his life’s passion!

After several training programs and visiting other oil producers in the area, Jean Marc returned home and brought the old mill back to life. Huilerie Beaujolaise started small, fulfilling only local requests, but grew quickly. Jean Marc’s products began to gain respect and great popularity. In 1987, the time had finally come for Jean Marc to turn his passion into his profession and he began working full-time in his mill.

Highest Quality

The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces exclusively native oil. France’s high-end restaurants and chefs are his loyal customers. What makes Jean Marc special is the outstanding quality of his products. Only 100 % fruit finds its way into his oils. Jean Marc uses mechanical extraction, so chemical processes and additives are unnecessary.

From the beginning his slogan was, “Une fruit – une huile”, “One fruit – one oil”. Resulting in outstanding oils with exceptional aroma and taste.

The success of his products finally led to an expansion of his facilities in 2008, when Jean Marc bought another larger production site in Les Ardillats, which is approximately 3 miles from Beaujeu. Since the expansion Jean Marc is able to fulfill the incredible world-wide requests for his oils, especially from VOM FASS. Even at this elevated production level, Huilerie Beaujolaise is able to meet all product demands and still maintain the highest of hygienic and technological standards.

Always true to his slogan, Jean Marc has never changed his philosophy to foster a gentle way of production, using only traditional manufacturing methods even through the company’s expansion.