About VOM FASS Boca Raton

Zecchini Family

Family owned and operated, VOM FASS Boca Raton, invites you to step into our shop to sample the finest and most flavorful products from around the globe. VOM FASS offers exclusive cask-aged vinegars, exquisite oils, superior spirits and liqueurs, direct from the cask.

 Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in discovering your favorite flavors, dreaming up delicious recipes and finding the perfect gift!

Our Staff

Laura Zecchini

Enjoys transforming simple ingredients into something wonderful. Love to taste the wines and choose the best for the store trying to keep them unique.

Daniella Alterio:

After married falling in love with the kitchen and enjoy with her husband making new recipes!

Oscar Martin

After knew VomFass Oscar felt in love with the concept and enjoy the journey of the Cask Spirits and Cocktails and loves inspiring others to experiment in the kitchen...


Any questions you can Call 561-409-4414, write at miznerpark@vomfassbocaraton.com  or visit vomfassbocaraton.com.